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Old News is Still News... to me :)

I thought I would share an interesting story to you guys.... ok... so I was working in the salon late one evening, right? Suddenly, I get a message from one of my clients (her name in the picture, the photographer and my name is listed in the credits) living in Florida with an image of hair and makeup I did on her for a magazine submission in hopes of publication. I was geeked to see this because I had been waiting and looking since last year to see if I had made it in or not. then I look at the cover of the magazine to see when it was published....September 2014!!! Its now 2015 and I am just seeing this. I was laughing at myself because just when I had it in my mind that it probably wasn't going to be, that is when things tend to happen and even better than I thought. Lesson learned.

Here is the hair and makeup I did. It was a nice write up and a great sized image, also. I was so happy, this made my day.

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